Top 10 best tourist attractions in United Kingdom

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United Kingdom is a sovereign amalgamation of three independent states with more than 100 islands and is separated from central Europe by a sea. London is the capital city as well as the largest metropolitan area in England with commercial and international centers located in its suburbs. U.K is a global economic giant, particularly known for its aerospace, arms manufacturing and software industries. Agriculture is also extensive and highly mechanized in the country. Moreover, England is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. From thatched-cottage villages to double decker buses to the greatest display of ancient architectural monuments and palaces to the eccentric aristocrats and gloomy weather, this country has it all.

10) Windsor Castle

Occupying the title of world’s oldest continuously inhabited castle, Windsor Castle is British national icon and has served as the residence for different monarchs over the last 900 years. Originally established in 1078, the Castle surrounds two magnificent courtyards as well as wonderful long-park, known as the Great Park. It acts as an official residence for the Queen’s private as well as state tours. Tourists can explore the State Apartments and the St George’s Chapel as well as visit the graves of some of the renowned princes and queens. Moreover, witnessing the changing the Guard in the Castle Precincts is a treat to watch.

9) Big Ben

Big Ben is a 150 year old clock tower located in London alongside the Westminster Palace. Officially named as the Elizabeth Tower after the present Queen, this Great Bell weighs nearly a dozen tones and is the 3rd largest clock tower in the world. The tower is British cultural icon and has appeared in various films as it was declared the most ideal movie location in London. Over the years, Big Ben has gone through rigorous renovation projects due to malfunctioning in its interior systems. Surrounded by the famous Palace of Westminster, the place receives millions of tourists each year.

8) The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a hilly area in south England with an average peak height of 330 meters. The boundaries of this area straddle through some of the country’s most beautiful counties and towns. Cotswolds is highly regarded for its ancient towns, cobblestone streets and houses with lush green gardens that stretch over the hills. The extreme serenity that surrounds these beech woodlands is a major feature of Cotswolds. It comprises of quaint country side areas such as Castle Combe and Tetbury as well as spectacular valleys of Severn and Evesham.

7) Bath

Bath is a small town located in the ceremonial county of Somerset. As the name suggests, the town was named after the Romans built their baths and spas around the reinvigorating hot springs in the city, 2000 years ago. Being a world heritage site, Bath boasts incredible tourist attractions including several structures depicting Georgian architecture and townhouses. The town is culturally very active as well; hosting communal functions on its famous waters. Moreover, Bath offers ideal location to explore the stunning English countryside and landmarks.

6) Cambridge

Cambridge is a historic city which is home to the globally esteemed University of Cambridge: one of the top education institutions in the world. Consisting of 31 different colleges and schools, the University boasts an old-world charm that surrounds its Victorian-styled buildings and preserves the largest collection of ancient structures in England. It also hosts phenomenal cultural events including the 800-year old Summer Fair. After touring the campus, travelers can visit the River Cam and tour Fitzwilliam Museum.

5) Jurassic Coast

Inscribed as a World Heritage Site, this 96 mile long coastline in southern England is an ideal spot for fossil hunters and archaeologists. The mammoth arches and pinnacles seen on this sandy stretch date back to nearly 185 million years. The abundant resources of fossil fuels provide evidence of nature’s evolution in the past centuries. Museums have been developed alongside these crunched up stack rocks and offer thorough insight to the historical importance of this site. Tourists can also visit the nearby charming municipalities.

4) Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a historic palace that provides exciting insight into the medieval times. Originally established by William the Conqueror in the early 11th century, the fort has gone through several reenactments and renovations. Located in the heart of the beautiful English city of Warwick, this site is a classic example of military architecture. Today, the place is a platform for numerous history-related festivals, primeval-themed events and jousting concerts. The castle is also considered a haunted place, thus allures millions of tourists per annum.

3) Lake District

Known as the Lakeland, the Lake District is the largest national Park in the country and is located in a mountainous region in north-western England. Situated in the county of Cumbria and covering a total area of 900 square miles, the Park houses country’s largest lakes. It boasts awe-inspiring scenery and natural beauty with picturesque backgrounds of glacially eroded mountains and valleys. Lake District offers a premier site for hiking, climbing and marine activities. Annually, the place is visited by nearly 15 million tourists.

2) Tower Of London

Sitting on the banks of River Thames, the Tower of London is arguably the most important building and domineering tourist destination in the UK. From serving as a prison and a place of torture and execution to becoming an official residence of the loyal family to preserving the Crown Jewels, the Tower has seen it all. This castle housing some fascinating stories within its walls was founded in 11th century. Currently, it hosts remarkable and displays such as the Line of Kings, the Royal Mint and exhibits demonstrating royal armor and historic prison cells.

1) Stonehenge

Stonehenge is Britain’s most popular ancient monument and is amongst the most important pre-historic tourist sites in the world. It is a chunk of massive, standing grey-stones which are situated in the middle of a field in Wiltshire, England. These huge slabs weighing four tones each date back to 3000 BC and no one knows why and how they were transported to this western part of the UK. Some scholars believe that this place acted as a ceremonial and religious center in the primeval times. The eeriness and the mystery that surrounds this site draw millions of tourists each year.

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