Top 10 best tourist places in Vermont, United States of America

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Nicknamed as The Green Mountain State, Vermont is a US state located in the New England region and is the 2nd least densely populated states in the country with a population of only 0.6 million residents. Montpeller is the capitol whereas Burlington is the largest metropolis in Vermont. Due to the small business industries, the economy of Vermont largely depends upon its agriculture sector, forestry, and sale of maple products. However, the state is full of world-class tourist attractions; from the country’s largest ski resorts to dazzling snow-caped peaks of Stowe to the hillside farms depicting cultural heritage to the primitive streets of Burlington, Vermont offers a cheerful mixture of modernization simmered with a touch of natural beauty and festive history.

10) Ben & Jerry’s

Undoubtedly, one of Vermont’s most frequently visited destinations is the Ben & Jerry’s Factory; a globally renowned and favorite ice-cream brand. Visitors to this place take up a 30 minute guided tour where they observe different sections of the factory and experience the ice-cream manufacturing processes. A multimedia presentation continues around the factory walls as the tour passes. After the tour, visitors can taste some ice-cream flavors and may also explore the B&J goods shop. Lastly, a tour to their Flavor Graveyard is a must visit too where odd ice cream flavors are buried after incomplete experimentation.

9) ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Located on Burlington’s famous waterfront on the banks of Lake Champlain, ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center is an entertainment and learning spot for kids as well as adults. It showcases 70 different types of species and arranges daily animal encounters with the tourists. The fantastic exhibits and educational programs engage the visitors into the ecology and cultural history of Lake Champlain Basin. This science campus also features a discovery center with hands-on activities and a special building that offers panoramic views of the surroundings.

8) Smugglers Notch State Park

Smugglers Notch is a state park of Vermont that occupies the region behind the Mount Mansfield. As the name suggests, the area was used as a smuggling place during the Napoleonic wars. Today, the Park features excessive vegetation with wilderness hiking trails that offer perfect outdoor experience. Campsites and campgrounds are easily found in the area where mountain climbing, spelunking, and water sports are permitted. The Park also functions as a gateway to some exquisite gorges and majestic waterfalls such as the Bingham Falls.

7) Church Street Marketplace

Embodying only four blocks along the streets of Burlington, the Church Marketplace is an outdoor pedestrian area and shopping mall. The antiqued lining along the street shops provides a primitive experience for visitors to this place. The place is a spacious one for coffee cafes and dining restaurants along with local retailers of clothing brands. Church Marketplace is one of the favorite dining spots for tourists to enjoy Vermont’s cuisine. Lastly, the market accommodates large throngs of crowds during summer festivals and communal events.

6) Jay Peak Resort

Jay Peak Resort is a skiing haven located on the Jay Peak with a vertical drop of more than 2,000 feet. Initially opened in 1957, the resort now arranges year-round sporting activities in the small town of Westfield, Vermont. The Jet Triple Chairlift is one of the favorite tourist rides that run down the backcountry descent. Jay Peak is highly esteemed for its professionally carved skiing trails where visitors enjoy snowmobiling, ice-skating, snow trams, and playing ice-hockey in a hockey rink. The luxurious motels on the Peak’s summit provide excellent accommodation.

5) Montshire Museum of Science

Located in the county of Norwich in Vermont, Montshire Museum of Science is a self-guided science-related museum and a great assemblage of hands-on exhibitions. It boasts water exhibits, a separate Science Park, a scale model of solar system representing astrology and anatomy as well as natural habitats containing woodlands and green gardens. Tourists can examine various scientific experiments involving light beams and physical measurements. Also, they can view live wildlife exhibits and marine life in aquariums to explore science and nature.

4) Stowe

Stowe is a small mountainous township in Lamoille County, Vermont, on the footsteps of the highly popular Mountain Mansfield. It has long since hosted Vermont’s skiing competitions and has been a breeding ground for avid skiers and also houses the Vermont Ski Museum. Visitors can ride bicycles or skate through the hiking trails to explore the recreation areas. Stowe boasts mesmerizing meadows hidden under lush green woods with pure streams running down the dense hills. The town is also home to boutiques and art galleries where craft shows and balloon festivals are regularly held.

3) Hildene

Hildene commonly called The Lincoln Family Home was built by resident Lincoln’s son in 1905. It is located in the charming locality of Manchester, Vermont. It overlooks a magnificent valley that boasts glorious gardens and waterfalls. Hildene was built from almost all of Lincoln family’s furniture and preserves majority of the family’s belongings and memorabilia. Visitors take self-guided tours through this historic building to observe the Hildene farms, the Kitchen Garden and explore the observatories, exhibits and gift shops containing souvenirs and artifacts.

2) Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is a freshwater lake situated in North America between the regions of Vermont and New York. Covering nearly 8000 square miles, this wilderness spot draws visitors due to its recreation facilities and historical attractions. The place is a haven for hundreds of wildlife and marine species. Tourists reach the inner part of this amazing waterbody by lake crossings and ferries where they enjoy kayaking, canoeing and sailing. Lake Champlain is also renowned for the myths about a serpent-like monster that occasionally swims in these waters.

1) Shelburne Museum

In the suburbs of Burlington lies this large, open-air museum. Shelburne Museum was constructed in 1952 and houses a grand collection of historic buildings and architectural decorations demonstrating Vermont’s rich heritage and folk. From old-fashioned cars to steamers to carved quilts and home-made rugs, the museum houses nearly 150,000 artifacts and historic materials which are exhibited in 38 different buildings. The grand navy ship called Ticonderoga is also stationed on the museum grounds. Moreover, tourists can experience a relatively different method of farming at Shelburne Farms and can visit the gardens to view the products.

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