Top 10 most beautiful places in Austria

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Austria, being a german speaking country is perched out in central europe and is globally known for its spectacular mountain regions, historical capital city of Vienna and scenic beauty of rivers and lakes scattered throughout its splendid provinces. Surprisingly, Austria is counted as one of the smallest country of europe, covering 60% territory of central eastern alps. Literally, Austria is cultural centre of europe with rich historical background and it has been a favorite country to spend summer and winter vacations from many decades. A beautiful country Austria, is truly loaded with ideal and unbelievable gorgeous places like ski resorts, beautiful mountains and magnificent alps stretching all across the way to Italy. Being a landlocked country between Germany, Italy and Hungary, Austria enjoys a cool climate throughout 365 days a year and it makes it a highly top ranked and beautiful country to hang out in vacation time. No doubt, it’s totally stacked with iconic mountainous scenery, natural rivers and artificial lakes, but here we have some short listed top most beautiful places in Austria to simply blow up your mind depicting clusters of baroque beauty of Austria.

10) Melk Abbey

Founded by the Benedict of Nursia, Melk Abbey is located in Melk town, lower Austria. Melk Abbey is considered as a big compound of Benedictine monastery with a beautiful church in Wachau area. The abbey is known for its beautiful baroque architecture that makes it worth a visit to explore the scenic view down to Danube Valley. This beautiful place is highly recommended to enjoy the opulent architectural masterpiece of Austria. Since its a fabulous historic abbey, it strongly focuses on catholic religion. Melk Abbey is a real thing to savor the religious and historic background of Austria as it provides best chances to explore astonishing library, complex historical displays, baroque church and informational museum to understand the religious and cultural importance of Austria.

9) Schloss Ort

For the romantic peeps and people obsessed with old stones, the castle in Gmunden, Austria (the Schloss Ort) is located in the middle of lake, which is about 19 kilometers away from Vocklabruck, the gate to Salzkammergut. This beautiful and elegant castle has been used as a wonderful venue for conferences and private events. The castle is popular among the locals for weddings of royal theme. What can be more romantic than an Alpine lake and mountains as a backdrop for passionate couples and people out there. Gmunden Schloss Ort is worth a visit to explore the picturesque castle and breathtaking views of mountains and lake. A walk over the wooden pier is required to reach the lake-set castle that truelly will make your heart melt and fall in love with nature in Austria.

8) Vorarlberg Museum

Perched out in the Austrian Federal state of Vorarlberg, the Vorarlberg museum is the state art and cultural museum. It’s been a preservation centre of state’s art and cultural material of Austria. For the history nerds, the museum presents super exhibitions about local area. It can be counted as an amazing example of contemporary architecture. Apart from the architectural exhibitions of local region, the view from Panoramaum on Lake Constance is worth a visit. Being in Austria, the museum obliges you to visit and explore the exceptional architecture in this decade. Along with an interesting story about 16000 flowers on the building façade molded from the plastic bottles as an artistic project, the Vorarlerg museum in Austria invites the visitors to study the Bregenz’s history stretched to roman times.

7) Molltaller Gletscher

Molltaller Gletscher is Austria’s popular ski resort with many incredible views of high mountains, typically covered with snow. Located in Molltal, Austria, the ski resort is most liked sports area providing Austria’s most reliable snow glaciers. The Southern side of the Alps is statistically entitled as the sunniest region in Austria with 100 percent sun exposure to make the skiing experience a memorable one even in winters. The ski resort has pretty good infrastructure and wide long slopes to enchanter the visitors to unleash their wild side. For the great and maintained downhill courses, the ski resort welcomes the visitors in Austria to enjoy the sunny and clear weather standing over the dramatic Alps of Austria.

6) Kaiservilla

An elegant palace, situated in the little town of Bad Iscl in Upper Austria, was the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elizabeth of Austria. The 700 year old palace is not a museum for visitors but it does feature imperial artifacts and fine art. The palace genuinely tempts the tourists to look back the era of an emperor. Literally this tranquil and historically rich palace takes you back to the demise of Austro Hungarian emperor and fascinates you to have a flashback of 1st world war. Some history nerds might die to explore this sumptuous palace, as it has a significant place in world war I history, the villa where emperor Franz Joseph signed the war declaration.

5) Vorderer Gasousee

Undoubtedly, Austria is brimmed with unconditional beautiful and breathtaking places of mountainous beauty and charismatic lakes. Among its magical beauty, the Vorderer Gasousee is tremendously beautiful lake, located in the south-western party of upper Austria. The three lakes are surrounded by Dachstein mountains and the view is just spectacular and inexplicable. Literally the lake is a must seen location for once in a lifetime to witness the extraordinary beauty of nature and magnificent views of sun-rise and sun-set. It won’t be an exaggeration of the Vordere Gasousee as it is remarked as an unspoiled patch of heaven on earth, located on the upper Alps of Austria.

4) Hofkirche

Founded by a royal emperor, the Hofkirche Innabruck is a Gothic royal court church, located in the Altstadt session of Innsbruck, Austria. The real attractions of this iconic church are tombs of Emperor Maximilian, Archduke Ferdinand and an old organ loft of 450 year. Visitors really find this church exciting to view the impressive tombs of historic royal figures and black marbled Cenotaph (empty tomb) attributed to Emperor Maximilian, surrounded by 24 lifelike bronze statues. The whole church and museum is historically awesome, as it is designed with unique features of displaying impressive statutes of former kings and queen and lavish tombs to pour out the cultural and historical importance of Austria.

3) Hallstatt

Hallstat is Austria’s phenomenal and scenic village completely loaded with top ranked attractions of Austria’s magical beauty i.e. lake, Kalvarienberg church, market square and the Charnel house in Michael’s chapel containing 1,200 skulls. The village is located on extreme western shore of Hallstat’s lake in mountainous Salzklammergut region in Austria. One should not take the tour of hallstat village for granted as it promises a lifetime enjoyment and memorable time by hanging out in the most picturesque village of Europe. Stretch your legs in hallstat skywalk, old town and Salz Welten (salt mine) for spontaneous surprises of nature. The hallstat village in Austria is all about breathtaking views of mountains, lakes and scrumptious meals of Austrian village along with coffee and strudel.

2) Mirabell Palace

On literary notes, mirabell is an Italian word with literal meaning of admirable and beautiful. The mirabell palace is a baroque masterpiece in Austria, tucked up between Salzsach River and Kapuzinerberg mountain. This iconic palace of 17th century is elegantly arranged in Salzburg as sumptuous temple for love birds and unforgettable wedding events. The palace is now an official office of Salzhurg office, but its exquisite parts are open for public and cheeky photo shoots of bride and grooms on marble staircase maintaining the baroque glories. No doubt, the inside of palace is stunningly beautiful but the beauty of gardens can’t be ignored as well. For the fans of Sound of Music, the mirabell palace is a paradise on earth. What can be more lavish than watching the flower beds and grand walkways in this baroque masterpiece featuring the sound of music? The incredible sculptures in the palace are incredible tantalizing a glimpse of ancient Austria.

1) Schönbrunn Palace

You might be cruel and unfair to yourself if you ever miss the tour to Vienna in Austria. The magnificent capital of Austria is an official top ranked place of country to feel the true vibes of roaming in beautiful Austria. For the imperial palaces and exquisite historical buildings, Vienna is lying at country’s east side on the Danube River. Among the top sights, Schonbrunn Palace is the most gorgeous palace, full of royal history of country. Visitors must stop by this palace to see an iconic and amazing place with true imperial feelings. You are just supposed to wear comfortable shoes to roam around the giant palace of 1,441 rooms with a minute architectural work. The golden/mustard shaded palace over a hill makes your experience memorable one for a long time along with clearing the history of Austria and witnessing the birth and death place of the emperor Franz Joseph. An iconic building bearing the damages of world war I is still a gorgeous beauty of Austria, keeping itself proud for its maintained charm in Austria and all over the world.

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