Top 10 most beautiful places in Campbelltown, Australia

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Campbelltown is a suburb of Sydney located about 50 kilometers from the central business district. The suburb has a population of about 110,400. Being located in a major metropolitan area, the town has great infrastructure, health facilities, educational facilities and some amazing places of recreation. There are a number of places which are famous among tourists in this town. Stated below are top ten most beautiful places in campbelltown which every tourist should visit.

10) Fastlane Karting, Campbelltown

A great family place to visit in Campbelltown, Fastlane Karting provides excellent high adrenaline Go Karting experience. The racing track is about 500 meters with a lot of twists and turns. The track is equipped with modern equipment, electronic time keeping and floodlights. The whole place has an energetic atmosphere. Fastlane Karting provides much more than a Go Karting experience and there are many other activities to do as well. Visitors can enjoy other games as well, such as pool and kisok games. There is a canteen as well from where snacks can be purchased. BBQ and Karaoke is also available in the VIP area.

9) Macquarie Links International Golf Club, Campbelltown

This beautiful and elegant golf course provides a great experience for the professionals as well as newbies. It is a great place for business meetings. The golf club is quite famous among the business community and residents of Campbelltown and other suburbs of Sydney. It s a great place to relax with friends and family. The prices are also quite reasonable keeping in mind the atmosphere and the facilities provided by the club. A day at the Macquarie Links International Golf Club will keep you relaxed throughout the week.

8)  The Wizard of Oz Funland, Campbelltown

As the name suggests, the Wizard of Oz themed Funland is a great play place for the kids in Campbelltown. It will take you to the land of the Wizard of Oz. The place is quite famous for arranging birthday parties and other kids events. The main attractions of the place include a pretty cool Wizard of Oz 3D adventure show, magic shows, face painting, big slide and the costume shop. The Live interactive shows at the Wizard of Oz Funland are very good and Kids will definitely love it here.

7) Georges River Nature Reserve, Campbelltown

Georges River Nature Reserve in Campbelltown has excellent scenery and beautiful landscaping. On your visit don’t forget to grab the bushwalking brochure of the Georges River Nature Reserve which can be downloaded online. The Georges River Nature Reserve has a huge variety of Flora and Fauna. There are a lot of Koalas in the area as well which can be seen frequently and add to the beauty of the place. There are some amazing walking tracks which are must to explore. These include, the 2km long Frere’s Crossing Walking Trail, 400m long Ingleburn Reserve Walking Trail, 2km long The Basin Walking Track and about 1 km long Simmo’s Beach Walking Trails.

6) Japanese Gardens and TeaHouse Campbelltown

This piece of natural art is an ideal place for relaxation. It was received as a gift from the sister city of Campbelltown, Koshigaya in Japan. The Japanese Gardens and TeaHouse provide a great escape from the urban lifestyle and present a picture of oriental paradise. The Japanese Gardens and tea house feature a beautiful pond with many fish and a wonderful relaxing tea house where you can enjoy a great tea with snacks. The Arts Centre Cafe is also located in the garden. It is highly recommended for couples and is also a famous spot for wedding ceremony’s.

5) Campbelltown Arts Centre

This multidisciplinary arts centre has an amazing modern design. the building is a great piece of architecture. The centre will provide you with some great artistic sights and art work. The building is huge. The whole complex includes, residential apartment, sculpture garden and Japanese gardens, cafe and amphitheater. There is also a performance studio with 180 seats. Studio and workshop spaces are also present and exhibitions are regularly held in the Campbelltown Arts Centre.

4) Event Cinemas in Campbelltown

Are you in Campbelltown? Looking for a movie night with family? or you want to watch the latest blockbuster on the big screen in perfect environment? Event cinemas is the place for you. The ticket prices are reasonable and seats are very comfortable. The cinema also has a snack bar. You can also enjoy 3D movies in this cinema. Oh and last but not the least don’t forget to grab some popcorn for a complete movie experience.

3) Campbelltown Catholic Club

Campbelltown Catholic Club is also known as the king of clubs because of the excellent entertainment experience and the quality of food and drinks. There is always some entertaining activity happening in the club. From free live shows on Friday nights, to excellent cafes and bistro experience, this club has it all for a perfect night out with friends. The place also has some pretty cool attractions for kids with a designated area for kids known as the Kid Zone.

2) Sugarloaf Horse Centre, Campbelltown

Horse riding in 600 acres of Sugarloaf Mountain Farm is definitely a great tourist attraction in Campbelltown. You can learn horse riding and have lessons from professionals in a vast beautiful natural environment. The horses are very beautiful and the instructors are quite friendly. The place is a huge grass land with beautiful sights giving a great experience to visitors. You can visit this place with family and friends.

1) Campbelltown Heritage Walk

With many heritage buildings dating back to the early 1800’s, Campbelltown Heritage Walk is a must do. There are some great gems of living history to be explored in this entertaining and relaxing walk. From small cottages to Large mansions, the walk has a variety of attractions through out. You will get to see some great colonial architecture in the main street of the town. Get your food and go out for the walk followed by a picnic, and there you have a perfect and entertaining family day with a lot of learning and scenic views.

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