Top 10 best tourist attractions in Colorado Springs, United States

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Colorado Springs is a tremendous city of Colorado, US to visit. This city lies over one mile above sea level having some areas lower and higher than it. Colorado Springs has variety of entertainments for its visitors including cultural and historical destinations, adventurous natural sites and family spots. Fun loving kids can enjoy many recreational points in this marvelous city. We highlighted some of the exciting places of Colorado Springs in this article.

10) Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is at an altitude of 14,115 feet above the sea level and most visited mountain in North America. This sky-high summit forms a mesmerizing backdrop of Colorado Springs. This National Historic Landmark is also known as Pikes Peak granite because it comprises of pink granite. Visitors can reach this adventurous site by historic Cog Railway or by Pikes peak Highway. Both pathways are loaded with panoramic sceneries and thrilling views. Some small gift shops and restaurants are also built there. Hikers and climbers will definitely love this location for their beloved activity.

9) Seven Falls

The breathtaking wonder, Seven Falls is a series of seven cascading waterfalls spilling down between hilly canyon walls. From the bedrock of the falls to the top, there are 224 steps of adventure on staircase. There are two hiking trails where tourists enjoy rare views of Colorado Springs and exotic beauty of nature. The charming noise of waterfalls and singing humming birds along with spectacular views of trees, flowers and wildlife, make it a memorable visit. Zip-line tour is also a can’t-miss activity at Seven Falls for thrill lovers.

8) Garden of the Gods

The superb Garden of the Gods is a magical stop of Colorado Springs. You can enjoy the fantastic red rock formations and treasures of nature in this public park. Enchanting blue skies with amazing 300 towering stones together create a dramatic view of this region. Nature and art lovers and photographers have plenty of fantastic views to paint and lock in their cameras. Visitor and Nature centre and classy museum are also points of attractions of tourists. Rock climbers found this destination striking and challenging.

7) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a mountainside zoo of Colorado Springs. This fun place is built on elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level. This awesome zoo houses a wide variety of animals. Kids are always crazy to visit Cheyenne Zoo because they love to feed giraffes. And this is also a favorite activity of other tourists. This zoo is collection of 750 animals of 150 different species. Here you can see Asian, African and Australian creatures. The aquatics building has various aquariums where variety of fish living along African penguins and Nile hippopotamuses.

6) Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is full of fun place based on Christmas theme. This enchanted amusement park owns over 24 amazing rides. Except kiddy rides there are roller coaster, highest altitude Ferris wheel, miniature train and unique Christmas tree ride. This small magical park features charismatic North Pole Village which is full of fanciful toys, Christmas ornaments and candies. Children feel lucky after meeting their dreamy Santa Claus in Santa’s Workshop. Magic shows, unique gift shops and playing games in its arcade area are other attractions of this family site.

5) Bear Creek Regional Park

Bear Creek Regional Park is mixture of fauna and natural trails. This regional park of Colorado Springs is a huge recreational location with different sections. The hiking trails remained open from dawn to dusk everyday provoking hikers to come and enjoy. This is also a lovely area for walking, biking and horseback riding. There is a separate sector dedicated for pets named as Dog Park where owners and pets can walk and play. Sports lover also like this park because there are many playgrounds in this place (including soccer, basketball and tennis courts)

4) Cheyenne Mountain State Park

The fans of outdoor activities should visit Cheyenne Mountain State Park. This beautiful park of Colorado Springs is waiting for fond of hiking, camping and biking. Tourists enjoy here natural sceneries of park as well as wildlife viewing. There is a visitor center ‘The Trail’s End’ which organizes educational exhibitions and interactive programs for visitors. Picnic spots with refreshment shops and play grounds for kids make it a perfect family place to spend a sunny holiday. As it covers 2701 acres so here you can explore wide variety of ecosystems residing in the park.

3) Pioneers Museum

Pioneers Museum is an incredible historical stop of Colorado Springs where you can trace the transformation from a mining town to modern destination. This museum is home to 60,000 objects which impress its visitors. Its extensive collection includes cultural and historical artifacts, city’s founding and old photographs that recount the story of this city as well as Pikes Peak. There is a Starsmore center within the museum acquiring the research library and archives of the region. Glamorous gardens and lawns are surrounding the museum having a granite fountain and eye catching sculptures.

2) North Cheyenne Canon Park

North Cheyenne Canon Park covers almost 1,600 acres providing natural habitat to many animals like black bears, Mountain Lions and many little birds. This park of Colorado Springs includes Helen Hunt Falls, Silver Cascade Falls and Starsmore Visitor Center. Many short and long trails within the park provide opportunity to tourists for different activities like hiking, biking and running. Scenic drive is also enjoyed here by many people, because no doubt one can enjoy here pleasant views of waterfalls, wildlife and majestic forest. Visitor centers educate travelers about this park in very informative way.

1)  Peterson Air and Space Museum

Peterson Air and Space Museum is located in Peterson Air Force Base. The four airfield structures were built in between 1928-1940 and still remain. This aerospace museum describes the rich aviation history of Colorado Springs from very beginning to modern space era. It also exhibits the history of daring pilots of World War II.  Your attention can be captured here by many old and new aircrafts. This place is both historical and educational for visitors who are keenly interested in aerospace technology. Peterson Museum attracts over 20,000 visitors annually around the globe.

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