Top 10 best tourist attractions in Manitoba, Canada

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Manitoba is the 5th most populated province of the country that is situated in the Central Canada. Winnipeg is the capital and the largest city of Manitoba. Border of Manitoba is adjacent to the Ontario from the East, Saskatchewan from the West, Nunavut Territory and Hudson Bay from the North and states of North Dakota and Minnesota from the south. Resources of natural and fresh water are available here as well as more than 100,000 lakes, streams and ponds. The province is home to more than 50 national and provincial parks. Watching polar bears and beluga whales, horse riding, camping and hiking are some famous attractions for the tourists.

10) MTS Centre

MTS Centre is one of the best sports and entertainment establishment in Canada. Generally, it is a multipurpose indoor sports arena which is situated in Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. Initially, it was raised as a substitute of the Winnipeg arena. There is an arena that is built with a seating capacity of 16,435 persons along with various facilities and an ultra-modern sound and music system, that a visitor can expect. MTS Centre hosts many live music concerts, events and sports championships. The arena is owned by Winnipeg Jets team of the NHL and Manitoba Moose team of the AHL. Some of the famous events hosted in the MTS Centre AHL are NHL hockey championships, The Who, Garth Books and Justin Bieber. Visitors of all events are facilitated with an impressive catering service.

9) Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC)

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is an independent, LEED certified non-profit establishment for educational research purpose and is situated in the East of the town of Churchill along the shore of Hudson Bay. Subarctic ecology of Hudson Bay is the main topic of the research, including northern lights, bird migration, arctic wildflowers, winter survivals and different arctic animal species ranging from beluga whales to polar bears. This centre is located at the juncture of 3 major biomes of Marine, Tundra and Northern Boreal Forest. Because of these biomes, visitors can experience the existence of immense variety of mammals, birds, plants and diverse human cultures. This establishment provides accommodation, meals and other required equipment on rent to the tourists. The CNSC welcomes the school trips and tourists groups, facilitate them with a guided tour of the facility and educate them about the environment and wilderness of Hudson Bay.

8) Grand Beach

Grand Beach is one of the best beaches in North America, which is situated on the eastern coast of Winnipeg Lake besides historical Verendrye trail. Its smooth white sand and grass dunes with good sunlight in summer that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Swimming, sand surfing, hiking and walk of the Spirit Rock trail and Ancient Beach trail are normal activities on this beach. Various species of birds can be seen here. There is a dedicated campground at the beach, where cottages are available on rent for camping and long night stay. A restaurant and picnic shelters are also available on the beach for the tourists.

7) Club Regent Casino

Club Regent Casino is a famous casino of the city joined with Canad Inn Club Regent Casino Hotel located in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The casino is owned by The Manitoba Lotteries Corporation and orderly, The Government of Manitoba. The casino has decorated its architecture in caribbean style, but it is more likely to be attributed with the style of Mayan, Aztec and some other Mesoamerican places. Gaming area of the casino is expanded into two sections which are connected together through an aquarium tunnel. This area contains about 1200 slots and VLT gaming machines including 44 tables for games like red dog, black jack, various poker games and host regular poker tournaments. Canad Inn Club Regent Casino Hotel contains 146 furnished rooms for guests and an indoor pool to facilitate the guests. Casino contains three popular fine quality restaurants including McDonalds, JAG’s and Toukie’s Lounge along with the ice cream shoppe.

6) Tinkertown Family Fun Park

Tinkertown Family Fun Park is an amusement and fun park owned by a family situated on Murdock Road, Springfield, Manitoba. It is a place of great fun and pleasure for the kids and families in the summer. The park includes 20 fun rides and various amazing attractions to please the visitors. Adults can enjoy while playing 18 hole mini-golf in the park. After enjoying the whole summer day with different rides and attractions, visitors can cool themselves in water wars. On site restrooms, first aid, gift shops and ATM provide a good service to visitors. Visitors are allowed to bring their own meal to the park for a picnic. Many families celebrate birthday parties of their kids here.

5) Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site is one of the restored ancient stone buildings in Western Canada. The site was constructed in the South of Selkirk community on the banks of Red River, Manitoba, by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Stone walls of this ancient fort describe stories of basis of modernizing western Canada and educate visitors about the lives and culture of the first nations, legends and fur trappers of Western Canada. It was a major place for supply of fur due to its deliberate location for shipping. Collection of fur trade layout is a remarkable sample of ancient stone architecture. This historic landscape attracts many visitors, archaeologists and families from different regions of the world.

4) The Forks Market

The Forks Market is an ancient historical market, which is situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Initially, it was formed by joining of two stables to compete the Rail companies in early 20th century. The market has various restaurants and popular food outlets downstairs, which offers visitors a wide range of eatables from Bon Vivant Cheeses to freshly baked goods, dishes of meat and wine. The market provides an exceptional shopping experience to the locals and visitors. Shopping place upstairs the market includes approximately 75 on site shops. These shops truly have something for everyone. Visitors can buy handmade jewelry, clothes, toys and different historical souvenirs from more than 300 local and national artists.

3) Assiniboine Park Zoo

Assiniboine Park Zoo is a zoo that is situated in the West of Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The zoo has been an ideal stop for the tourists for many decades and offers visitors a chance to interact with various species of animals from all over the world. Arctic wolves, fox, polar bears, muskoxen and some other northern species represent the beauty of the North in award winning Churchill exhibit. These species are living in nature like environment and wilderness. Visitors can experience beautiful landscapes and natural scenes of North here. The Leatherdale International Polar Bear Conservation Centre is a hub of conservation, wildlife and environmental education and research in this zoo. The Mcfeetors Heavy Horse Centre in the zoo has five Percheron Horses. These horses are pioneers of Canadian history and were used in mining, forestry, agricultural and construction. The zoo includes a large Tundra Grill with seating capacity of 150 persons, which provides visitors appropriate meals in very economical rates. The zoo also has two gift shops from where visitors can buy unique and memorable gifts for their loved ones.

2) Manitoba Legislative Building

The Manitoba Legislative Building is the home of Provincial Government in the center of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This magnificent building welcomes the tourists to experience the immense beauty of its unique architecture. Visitors can watch the legislative proceedings from the visitors gallery whenever assembly is in session. Legislative Building represents the peak of traditional beaux-art architecture in Manitoba surrounded with beautiful walkways, lawns, gardens, trees, plaques, sculptures and monuments. The most famous attraction of this building is Golden Boy, which is a bronze made statue covered with gold erected on the top of its dome. The building has 350 rooms, which are fully furnished in accordance with beaux-art architecture. A grand staircase hall with full of beautiful lights and unique architecture increases its beauty.

1) Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights is the only new national museum which is located outside the National Capital Region of Canada. It is situated besides the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is one of the latest additions in the attractions of the city. The unique architect of this spectacular building is based on Canadian landscape. The building contains 11 galleries with various themes expressing many stories of human rights from different prospects. Visitors are guided about the international services of human rights and interactive use of mobile technology by the knowledgeable staff in their guided tours. These tours are guided in English and French languages. There is also a Bistro Cafe, which offers different snacks and meals to the visitors. Huge varieties of gifts are available for visitors at the museum’s gift boutique.

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