Top 10 best tourist places in Adana, Turkey

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Adana is the sixth most populated province of Turkey located in the south-center of Anatolia. Adana city is the capital of Adana Province, which holds the administrative authority of the province. Adana contributes a significant part to the economy of Turkey through its food processing and textile industries and is home to the most fertile land of the country. It is considered as the hub of agriculture in Turkey. Favourable weather of the province, legendary relics, historical elements, magnificent architecture, tropical food and comfortable hotels with great hospitality make this place a perfect holiday spot for the whole family.

10) Great Mosque

Great Mosque is an ancient 16th-century mosque in Adana, Turkey, located besides the Ramazanoglu Hall on Kizilay street. Construction of the mosque was started in 1513 and was completed in 1541. The building of the mosque was affected in 1998 by an earthquake and then was restored in 2004. The design of the building represents the ancient Ottoman architecture. Beautiful minarets display the influence of Mamluk art, in which the exterior is decorated with attractive two colored stones. The mosque has an ancient great Madrassah in its east, which is beautifully decorated in Ottoman architecture.

9) Mavisu Aqualand

Mavisu Aqualand is a pleasant and joyous water amusement park located at the edge of District of Seyhan River. People can have fun with different water slides, day slides of Jacuzzi, lazy river and wave pools. Swimming in these pools is completely secure as cooperative and trained lifeguards are always there, looking for the new swimmers or non-swimmers in need of help. Different suitable meals, sea foods and barbeque are offered by mix restaurants and grills to the visitors along with a live DJ and musical nights. Tennis and swimming are more focused sports at this place. Health club, thai massage and aromatherapy services are also offered by the trained personnel under suitable conditions. Summer camps are also organised for the students to develop and educate at the same time.

8) Ataturk Scientific and Cultural Museum

Ataturk Scientific and Cultural Museum is a traditional two-floor house building constructed with the stones and bricks with a pitched roof and bay windows in the 19th century. The Museum is located on Seyhan Street, Adana and opened to the public six days a week except for Monday. Due to its anomalous characteristics, it is declared as a “Cultural Real Estate under Conservation”, and restored to its original state by the Ministry. The ground floor of the Museum has a study room and a library, which contain displays of different newspapers published during the 2nd World War and Ottoman and Latin Books donated by different people. The upper floor of the Museum has different rooms associated with the life of Ataturk, which have some of the ancient artifacts and an armory containing generals epaulets, pistols, rifles and some other antiques are kept in a showcase. Tourists from all over the world visit this museum to experience the life and artifacts associated with Ataturk.

7) Optimum Outlet Ve Eglence Markezi

Optimum Outlet Ve Eglence Merkezi is an amazing shopping mall in Adana. The mall is not only a shopping place but also a fun and entertainment centre for the people of Adana and tourists. More than 140 shops in the mall are providing households, personal use items and leisure for daily life. A hyper market, mediamarkt, teknoSA and some other DIY stores are also available in optimum outlet. People can enjoy different movies in a great cinema hall in the optimum island. Youngsters can play ice hockey and bowling in specified areas of these sports.

6) Anavarza Ruins

Anavarza Ruins are basically the ruins of Anavarza Castle, which lies on a steep cliff of a mountain near Dilekkaya village in Adana, Turkey. Anarvaza is one of the most complex hike in the world of the flawless castle. This adventurous 425 steps hike offers many splendid views of natural wilderness, historical landmarks and cattle between the roman ruins adjacent to the ancient city and the farmlands underneath the Byzantine Castle. The ruins are associated with the ancient history of the native people there. There are no restrooms, washrooms or restaurant during the hike. These ruins is a must visit place and hike for the adventurers and strong tourists from all over the world.

5) Buyuk Saat

Buyuk Saat is a 32-meter high ancient clock tower, situated in the old town of Ali Munif Caddesi, Adana. It is the highest clock tower of Turkey. The clock tower was built in 1882 as a sign of modernization. The architecture of the tower is a square prism and side walls are built with the bricks. The architecture was designed by two Armenian architects. The tower was harmed in French invasion and was restored by the Turkish Government in 1935. A loud bell rings every hour from this clock tower, which can be heard in different parts of the city. People manage their office hours and prayers timings by this clock time. Authorities are planning to expand the sideways of the tower for the ease of pedestrians and visitors from all over the world who visit here to see this amazing clock tower.

4) Kozan Kalesi

Kozan Kalesi is a fortress of the 12th century, built by the Leo II on the hill of limestone in the middle of Kozan. It has extended to 900 meters alongside the ridge of the mountain. Location of the fortress was unique to dominate the whole region. There are 44 strongholds and towers, that are divided into two groups. Northern and Southern groups are joined by a strong protective wall. A huge tower is erected on the left side of the fortress, which was carrying royal apartments in ancient time. Visitors can experience the secret ways built in cellars. These cells were used for the supplies, bunkers and ammunition stores. A large water reservoir was built to meet the need of water in the fortress. Kozan Kalesi is a cultural heritage of Turkey and a popular point of interest for the tourists in Adana.

3) Seyhan Dam

Seyhan Dam is a hydroelectric dam built in the mid-1950s on the Sehan River on the North side of the Adana, Turkey. This dam was the first project in the series of World Bank’s funded hydroelectric projects in Turkey. The Dam has performed an important role in the growth of Turkish economy agriculture relied on the water provided by its reservoir and industry grew by the abundant electricity produced by this dam. Beautiful views of this dam and its lake attract tourists from different regions. There are several restaurants on the road around its lake, which offer a delicious meal to the visitors. The dam has the world’s largest butterfly valves and a love island in the middle of its lake.

2) Tas Kopru

Tas Kopru is an ancient Roman stone bridge built over the Seyhan River in the 2nd century AD. This bridge is associated with the huge historical importance, as it was considered as the main link of ancient trade and business pathways from the Mediterranean Sea to Anatolia and Persia. This bridge is known as the oldest stone bridge, which was opened for the traffic and later in 2007 only pedestrians and cycles were allowed instead of motor vehicles. Many social and cultural events are hosted on this bridge. Spectacular views of beautiful central mosque enhance the delights of the walk on this bridge. It is one of top most attracted place for the tourists in Adana.

1) Adana Merkez Park

The Adana Merkez Park is a huge urban park, spreaded over an area of 82 acres on both banks of Seyhan River which makes it the largest park of Turkey. More than 400,000 plants and trees of 67 species are habited in this park. There are 12 beautiful ponds in the park and also a 5.4-acre playground for the children. For the youngsters, the park includes mini amphitheatre, ground chess and a scatting yard. A 3km cycling track along with a running track for joggers is an important feature of this park. Merkez Park has a rowing club in it, which offers rowing in the Sehyan River. Several concerts are hosted in 2100 seated amphitheatre. Visitors from all over the world visit this Merkez Park in Adana and admire its beauty.

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