Top 10 Best Tourist places In Lincoln - Nebraska, United States

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Lincoln being the second largest city in the Nebraska State of USA is the home base for many national corporations that play a significant role in the advancement of science and education. Internationally known for safe neighborhoods and reasonable cost of living, Lincoln city is enjoying the privilege of small town charm with big city culture. Who would have imagined that originated as a small village of Lancaster in 1800s on the wild salt marshes would turn into an economic and cultural boom town of United States… To create an incredibly inviting and congenial atmosphere for the residents and tourists of Lincoln, the city anticipates a diverse variety of cultural activities including live music, national and regional acts throughout the city, concerts, basketball and football tournaments and the Star City Parade in summers. Apart from such entertaining packages for a memorable holiday, the Lincoln city of Nebraska tempts visitors to reap the benefits of the night life of the city, by playing bingo games that pay out few bucks and feature large jackpots.

Today we have graded Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction In Lincoln, Nebraska, the city which is known for thrilling sports and oozing food from every doorway and nightlife loaded with pubs, dives, and nightclubs for letting you savor the fun of life.

10) Sheldon Museum of Art

A free tour of Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln city is a great opportunity for visitors to spend a fun time looking at metal sculptures and American art and paintings. This beautiful small building is an architectural gem, crammed with an outstanding collection of 19th and 20th Century art along with a large Sculpture Garden.

9) Nebraska State Capitol

For the visitors of Lincoln city, addicted to making hundreds of pictures for a memorable time, Nebraska State Capitol is a must-to-visit tourist attraction in Lincoln city. Standing proudly in downtown Lincoln, this building signifying 400ft limestone tower is the only state unicameral legislature of United States. This government building is not just popular for mosaics and paintings, but the tallest tower allows the visitors to see a 360-degree view of the Lincoln city at its 14th floor. At a time of holiday, nothing can be better than a free guided tour of a government building for praising intriguing architecture from limestone carvings to mosaics of Art Deco architecture and décor.

8) Museum of American Speed, Lincoln

For the sole purpose of preservation and exhibition of artifacts of American automotive history, this museum has been designed in Lincoln city that has become popular for spending quality time watching a vast collection of aircrafts, knowledgeable automobile history and a corsage of Indy and open-wheel race cars which all are beautifully displayed all together. Museum of American Speed which has been labeled as “the very best racing museum in the country,” by Automobile Magazine is a fun place for people of all ages, as this place of three floors is loaded with an incredible collection of historical vehicles, models and toys, and guitars signed by racing celebs!

7) Junkyard - Escape Room

Totally not for children, but a thrilling place for adults who love to interact with unknown people or challenge them for teamwork! Junkyard - Escape Room is an amusement center that is all about solving puzzles to escape the dangers. The horror theme of the interactive game rooms makes it super fun for adventure-lovers who are always hungry for something new. All you need is to book your name in advance and you will find yourself among the wittiest people (in form of a group) of the town to be possessed of best ever escape experience in Lincoln city of Nebraska State.

6) The Zoo Bar, Lincoln

For the party animals, the Zoo Bar is a real thing in Lincoln city, who loves music and local and national tourists. Being the most popular bar of Lincoln city, this place is heaven for enthusiasts, offering never ending live music and unavoidable drink collection at the bar. Stop being a potato-sack, get up for spending an unforgettable time among local and national bands in old school vintage aura, for reasonable entry fee.

5) Lincoln Children’s Museum

Despite of being a traditional museum, it is an educational center for children of all ages. It is totally an ideal museum to spend quality time in educational exhibits and activities for kids and families. Not in mood to tolerate the yelling kids? Well this place is a blessing for fussed up mums to engage their children in hands-on exhibits that take up three floors in a single building of downtown Lincoln.

4) Sunken Gardens, Lincoln

To shock the very senses of rational people, the Sunken Gardens of Lincoln city is a really to-do-thing in Nebraska State. Deserving a watch during your vacation of Lincoln city, these beautiful gardens are soul-soothing, which were really designed for fighting depression in 1930. Hosting several programs for promoting love and friendship, these gardens welcome thousands of tourists for witnessing new designs and themes prepared by more than 30,000 plants every year. No doubt, the Sunken Gardens are stretched in just 4-acre area, but the place is crammed with lush landscaping, fish ponds tulips, and beautiful waterfalls, which altogether are a true example of a wonderful oasis in the middle of Lincoln city. For the genuine peace essence, the Sunken Gardens are highly recommended to warm your souls against the pressure of worldly problems, especially in spring to fall seasons.

3) Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Blessing an opportunity of up-close encounters with animals, Lincoln’s Children Zoo is a real thing for animal lovers in the city. The zoo literally entertains 200,000 visitors every year being the 3rd most attended art attraction of Nebraska State. Hosting special events for the kids, this zoo stretched over an area of 10 acres, has become a favorite tourist attraction in Lincoln city. There is always much more fun things than just watching animals i.e. pony and train rides for unforgettable holiday memories. The best part of this privately-funded zoo of Lincoln city is, it is not expensive at all and very well maintained. (Note: There is parking problem, but that can be sorted out if you choose public transport to get there)

2) The Historic Haymarket District, Lincoln

During a holiday time, everyone loves to walk new streets and eat something unusual to come out of monotonous routine. To make your dream of wanderlust come true, Lincoln city offers you a wonderful chance of stretching your legs into The Historic Haymarket District for a vast collection of dine-in experience, shopping and Haymarket Events for making memories not to fade in next decades of your life. If you are looking for something exceptional in Lincoln city, the stroll of The Historic Haymarket District is mandatory to live in the renovated flashback of the 19th century and walk among the brick streets eating succulent food.

1) Pioneers Park Nature Center, Lincoln

A wildlife sanctuary might not impress the very hearts of tourists, but this nature preserve perched out in Lincoln city tempts family for experiencing a quality time in the beautiful environment and animal preservation. This place totally worth a visit for an outdoor fun, being loaded with 8 miles of the hiking trail to explore fastened raptor habitats, herds of white-tailed deer or watch the wild birds with your naked eyes.

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