Top 10 most beautiful places in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Manchester is the urban area of “Greater Manchester” situated in the state of England. England is from one of the four Sovereign states which combine to form United Kingdom namely England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Manchester is the name popular to almost everyone in the world mainly because of Hugh popularity of international soccer team “Manchester United FC” who has named itself after this city. It is an ethnic state with total population is about 0.6 million with covered area of 44.65 square miles. Its climate is more like average summer and snowy winters which attract Hugh flux of tourist throughout the calendar year. Here is the list of 10 most beautiful places of Manchester.

10) Heaton Park, Manchester


Heaton Park is a Public park constructed on the covered are of 600 acres. It contain many landmarks and features, like temple, dower house, western pleasure ground, boating lake, farms, stable cafes and animal centers. Heaton Park has a long golf course which has hosted several golf championships. It also has a tramway which offers a ride all across the Heaton Park.

9) Wheel of Manchester


Wheel of Manchester is the identity of Manchester which has the long history of transitions and expansions. It was expanded twice due to increase the tourist every year. In 2012 it was completely dismantled by authorities due to need of Olympics activities held through this way. It was reconstructed after the end of Olympics but this time it was much bigger than before. Still it is under consideration of authorities for further expansion of Wheel of Manchester.

8) Manchester Museums


If you want to know the history then Manchester is the perfect place to explore. There are museums for every field in the city of Manchester. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) located on Liverpool road is devoted to science and technology and their history of past achievements in this field; National Football Museum showcases the old football collectables of legends of football; People’s History Museum preserves the old machines and tools of working peoples; Imperial War Museum captures the history of conflicts between Britain and rest of the world; Manchester Jewish Museum was established to restore the Jewish history and culture which was fainting after the world war ll and finally Museum of Transport was constructed to display the heritage of transportation over the centuries in the world.

7) Manchester Opera House


Manchester Opera House was established in 1912 which is now owned by Ambassador Theater Group. It has 1920 seats divided into three story seating plan with number of additional special galleries. It is serving as a commercial touring theater for music, ballet and classical concerts. You can book tickets in advance to variety of shows using number of online ticket booking sites affiliated with them. This opera house currently holds the honor of hosting premiere of Ghost the Musical.

6) Chill Factore


Chill Factore is an indoor real snow slop of approximately 180 meters for skiing. It was constructed in 2007 and currently holds the status of longest slop for skiing in United Kingdom. Structurally it has total of three slops, one is for beginners and other two are for professional skiers. In addition to skiing lessons it offers number of activities like lift pass, race, climbing skateboarding lessons. You can become the member of the club to avail special discounts, offers and promotions. You can make an advance booking for arranging parties for your kids as well as for yourself.

5) Chinatown


In an ethnic state where people of different community live for a very long time, mostly settle close to each other, form large town associated by the name of their community. Similar is the case with Chinatown where mostly Chinese people are running their business including super markets, restaurants, bakeries and shops. This whole town is a best tourist attraction for people to taste Chinese food and to see their festivals, traditions, art and culture.

4) Royal Exchange Theater


Royal Exchange building was originally constructed for cotton trading with rest of the world. After its construction it goes under several transitions until its major part was destroyed during world war ll. In 1976 it was purchased and then renovated by a group of directors who then converted this building into a theater and named it as The Royal Exchange Theater. It has a capacity to entertain 700 visitors at the same time, with classical, romantic and comedy dramas. It hosts around 360 shows in a year.

3) Manchester Arena



Manchester Arena is Europe’s largest multipurpose indoor arena. Since its opening it has hosted hundreds of live concerts of international singers and musicians, comedy shows, sports events like boxing, swimming, basketball etc and commonwealth games. It has a capacity of more than 21000 spectators. According to SMG Europe, who is on control of all the operations of this arena, more the one million tourists visit this arena each year for different events for their taste.

2) John Rylands Library


John Rylands Library was established in 1900 which is located in the center of Manchester. It is a four story building in addition to a basement. Each floor represents different purpose, starting from basement, it includes toilets and baby changing facility; Ground floor has a library shop and a best café in town; First floor contains introductory gallery which explains the history of this library and collectables in showcases; Second floor is just occupied for Atrium staircase; Third floor actually represents the John Rylands Library itself and lastly fourth floor is for registration of books and memberships.

1) Old Trafford


Old Trafford is a football stadium known as home of Manchester United. It is owned as well as its operations are managed by Manchester United itself. It is the second largest football stadium of United Kingdom. Structurally this stadium is divided into four stands i.e. North, South, East and West which can currently host up to 75635 spectators. Seating capacity of Old Trafford was increased over the century due to increase in spectators and it can be further expended based on spectators increase. Old Trafford hold the title for hosting 1966 FIFA World Cup.

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