Top 10 best tourist places in Kentucky, United States

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Kentucky is located in the Central-east region of the United States. Nicknamed as the “Bluegrass State”, it is the 26th most populous state of the US, housing 4.5 million citizens. The state capitol is Frankfort, whereas Louisville is its largest city. Kentucky is a land of differing environments and bounteous resources. It is known for its horse racing derbies, automobile assembly and the internationally famed food-chain, KFC. As far as tourism is concerned, Kentucky offers a diverse range of tourist attractions, outdoor recreation programs as well as an exhilarating downtown nightlife.

10) Pleasant Hill

Termed as Shakertown, this small town is located in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. The village is occupied by a religious community called Shakers for the last century. It has become a popular tourist attraction as it offers its visitors to experience the rich history of Kentucky’s traditions and heritage. Tourists can stroll around to explore the lavish gardens and examine the conventional ways of growing and farming. Also, they can bike along the village’s trail system to observe the splendid landscapes of natural beauty.

9) Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is a horse racecourse and a famous tourist destination in Louisville. Known as the host to the widely famed Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks, the racetrack was opened in 1875. The Kentucky Derby is a highly esteemed horse racing show and one of the State’s biggest events, luring thousands of visitors to Churchill Downs. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking horse racing experience, shop at the Derby Store and can indulge in numerous games and crafts. Additionally, they can stopover the Kentucky Derby Museum to learn more about the Kentucky Derby and its history.

8) Louisville Zoo

Louisville Zoo is one of the most crowded and high rated tourist destinations in the whole state. The Zoo houses more than 1,500 animals which includes several endangered species. The Zoo is divided into six geographic portions, each of whom represents a different specie environment. Visitors can take up guided tours to encounter polar animals in Glacier Run and can explore especially dedicated settings for gorillas, tigers and other exotic wildlife. Shuttle trains, adventurous rides and Halloween parties offer tourists a contrast between natural and artificial recreation. Louisville Zoo has welcomed millions of visitors over the years and has been granted awards on behalf of its excellence and commitment to mother Nature.

7) National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum is located in the city of Bowling Green. It was designed in 1994 and features Chevrolet Corvette, one of the most famous automobile brand in the U.S. About a quarter-mile from the Corvette Museum, the assembly plant is situated where the Corvette automobiles are actually manufactured.Visitors can tour the assembly plant and have full-scale diorama views of the classic Corvette models and can observe the manufacturing processes of these dazzling sports cars!

6) Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium is an aquarium situated in the city of Newport, Kentucky. It consists of around 70 exhibits and a dozen galleries. Newport Aquarium is the place where visitors can have astonishing encounters with some of the most glamorous sea creatures. The stunning exhibits span from deadly and poisonous creatures like sharks, stingrays to more sheepish ones like the Jellyfish. Tourists can walk through the mammoth aquarium while kids can enjoy playing and interacting with cordial penguins.

5) Kentucky Kingdom

A vacation to Kentucky can’t be complete without a tour to a thrilling theme park like the Kentucky Kingdom. It is an amusement park with entertainment rides and also includes a water-resort park called Hurricane Bay. The park offers heart-stirring rides, such as the Fear Fall and the Tornado ride. A 5D cinema is situated within Kentucky Kingdom and provides terrific theater festivity. Relaxation and family picnic camps are also established, luring thousands of citizens from across the States.

4) Mega Cavern

Formerly used as a limestone mine, the Mega Cavern now primarily serves for tourism and guided underground tours. It is a 17 mile attraction that lies underneath the city of Louisville. The cavern provides for a phenomenal underground experience where visitors can enjoy acquiring and observing historical and scientific systems. Many underground tours are available for tourists, including jeep and tram trips. In fact, the Mega Cavern has an underground bike park where people can drive through the cavern and explore the displayed artifacts.

3) Keeneland

Keeneland comprises of a racecourse and a marketing complex. Located in Lexington, this place is renowned for its natural charm. It is the best rated horse-racing track in the North America and is labelled as a National Historic Landmark. Keeneland holds a special place for horse devotees as it hosts some of the most prestigious horse-racing events, including the Breeders’ Cup. Another reason of its high esteems is lush-green outfields, gorgeous gardens and lawns as well as top-notch horseracing facilities.

2) Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is a recreation park and is a part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, located in Whitley County. The hallmark of the park is its sublime 68-feet tall Cumberland falls. In fact, the State Resort Park is the one of the very few places in the world where a moon bow can be experienced. The interminable mist surrounding the water and the majestic views of the water sprinkling into the river below attracts huge masses of tourists to the resort park. Moreover, it offers a diverse range of entertainment activities. Visitors can go mining and may collect precious gemstones from the mines. Camping, bird-watching, hiking, and vacation sports are also available within the park.

1) Mammoth Cave National Park

Visiting the state of Kentucky and not having a trekking tour to the longest cave system of the world would be a foolish thing to do! Mammoth Cave is a national park in Kentucky, located 80 miles from Louisville and spans a spectacular 400 miles of mapped passageways. The park was officially established in 1941 and enclaves the Green River. The eerie patterns of crystal columns, stalagmites and sandstone forming over the rooftops of the caves provide thrilling trekking experience. Moreover, there are several campsites and vacation spots around the national park which offer a charming atmosphere with sensational adventures for tourists, such as the Wild Cave Trips.

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