Top 10 best tourist attractions in Wisconsin, United States

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Wisconsin is a state situated in the north-central USA. Divided into 72 different counties, Wisconsin is the 23rd largest U.S state by area with a population of nearly 6 million. The state capital is Madison, whereas the largest city in the state is Milwaukee. Wisconsin is particularly famed for its dairy products which are highly regarded throughout the USA. Moreover, tourism is one of the leading industries in the state. Annually, thousands of tourists visit Wisconsin to explore the numerous tourist attractions, attend the cultural festivals as well as for water recreation activities in the Great Lakes region.

10)  Oshkosh Airshow

Oshkosh is a small town located in the northwest of Milwaukee. The village is famous for hosting a high-class airshow which is enthusiastically attended by thousands of aviators from different origins. The aviation show, also known as the EAA Air Venture takes place every year and lasts a whole week. The weeklong event includes airshows, exhibitions, educational tutorials and exploring the Oshkosh Museum which has a collection of thousands of aircrafts and historic artifacts of flying. An estimated of 1 million tourists storm the town of Oshkosh for attending the festival. During this period, city’s airport becomes the busiest airport in the world.

9) Wisconsin State Capitol

One of the most glamorous sites in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin State Building. Located in the city of Madison, the structure was completed back in 1917 and reaches a tremendous height of 285 feet. It houses several different government departments and offices. The area surrounding the State Capitol is known as the Capitol Square; where all kinds of restaurants and shops can be found. Tourists book guided tours to enjoy exploring the stunning architecture, panoramic sketches and fascinating monuments.

8) Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is a small dwelling in the south-western part of the state comprising of only 3000 citizens. This area of phenomenal natural beauty consists of marvelous sandstone formations and small cliffs along the banks of the Wisconsin River. However, The Dells are renowned for their water creating recreation festivals and events. With dozens of waterparks and water-skiing shows, the area accommodates millions of water-loving tourists every year. In fact, the Dells have been named as “The Waterpark Capital of the World”, due to the popularity of its aqua recreation schemes.

7) Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson Museum is a museum in central Milwaukee, officially built to celebrate the 100 years since the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle came into being. The museum consists of 450 Harley-Davidson motorcycles along with hundreds of memorable artifacts. It is a must-visit trip spot for riders as well as tourists. Motorcycle fanatics can wander around the site and can actually ride Harley-Davidson bikes to tour the factory area and explore the manufacturing processes of the world’s best bikes. The museum attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists each year.

6) Apostle Islands and Bayfield

Home to only a few hundred people, Bayfield is a small tourist site and main gateway to the highly-esteemed Apostle Islands. This is a clump of 22 inter-linked islands, situated on the Lake Superior in the north of Wisconsin. The isles are best known for their hiking trails, towering lighthouses, glimmering sea caves and beautifully rugged landscapes which offer natural scenic beauty. The Apostle islands lure campers, climbers and water-sport devotees. Tourists usually take ferries and sailboats to travel around the islands, via the Lake Superior.

5) Geneva Lake Shore Path

Lake Geneva is one of the many sites in Wisconsin which reflects tranquility and utter peacefulness. Lake Geneva Shore Path is 21 miles of a unique and an exceptional pathway. It is a hiking trail which encircles the lake and drifts through the northern side of the Lake. Thus, it gives the tourists a terrific opportunity to stroll through several historic mansions and dwellings. Moreover, travelers can relish the chance to have gorgeous views of the coastline along with grand landscapes. Normally, the whole hike takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete.

4) Milwaukee Art Museum

Established in the early 1880’s, the Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in the country. The official collections of different artifacts from pre-historic times to postmodern masterpieces range around 30,000. It takes its visitors on a sequential tour, commencing from its splendid reception hall and illustrious exhibits. The Quadracci Pavilion, which is a gigantic 220-feet exterior, opens up twice a day for the tourists. With more than 400,000 tourists per annum, the Museum has grown to be an icon for Milwaukee and for the entire state.

3)  Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Olbrich Botanical Gardens are located in Madison and covers 16 acres of ravishing gardens and public parks. Founded in 1952, the gardens are operated and looked after by the Olbrich Botanical Society, a non-profit organization. The sole purpose behind their establishment was to nourish the beauty of gardens, share the knowledge of gardening and the conservation of vital plant species. The Gardens also house a Thai Pavilion which is the only one in the continental USA and therefore it is also an attractive landmark for many tourists.

2) Cave of the Mounds

Discovered in the late 1930’s, the Cave of the Mounds has been declared as a National Natural Landmark. It is a premier cave located in the north of Mid-west, and provides captivating close-up views of crystals formation and sheer natural beauty. Visitors can take guided tours to explore the breathtaking stalagmites along the caved walkways. There is also a hiking and a picnic area to relax for touring families during their trip.

1) Door County

Door County is a coastal landform, situated on the straits of Lake Michigan with a population of 30,000 residents. The site is a superb outdoor spot for recreation and consists of picturesque lighthouses, several state parks and a long shoreline with beaches and picnic spots. There are remote islands as well as luxurious dining resorts to accommodate the incoming tourists. Moreover, the County also offers theater performances and concerts and thus it has been declared as one of the best tourist destinations in USA.

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